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Monthly Breakdown of the Heat schedule

Posted on: August 11, 2010 1:37 am
So the day I been looking forward to most this summer after the Heat signed the big 3 finally happened as the NBA schedule finally came out yesterday so I will do a month by  month breakdown, and also speak about what I think will be the Heat toughest stretches of the season for our Miami Heat!!! Soon as the schedule came out I got tickets for a few eat games when they visit the NY metro area.

October- There are finally 4 games played this month and 2 of which should be easy wins for the Heat ( at NJ and at Philly) then we have 2 tough games vs the other 2 best teams in the east which will be very interesting to say the least. The Heat have a chance to come out in these 2 games to send the league a message, that they are no joke and will be a great team. We know if the Heat go 0-2 in these 2 games vs the other top teams in the East, the media will be going crazy and speaking about how the big 3 was a bad idea.

My October prediction- 3-1

November- The Heat have a chance to get off to a great start in the season thanks to their November schedule where they play 9 of the 13 games at the AAA. But all 4 road games present a challenge as they head to Memphis, New Orleans, Orlando, and Dallas which is place they haven't won in the regular season in what seems like forever. The Orlando game to me is the most important of these road games because if the Heat win their first meeting in October, this can be the Heat chance to say yeah be very afraid of us if they can pull of this win in Orlando. The Home schedule in the month of November is very favorable for Miami as the only interesting games are Utah and Boston when it comes to being interesting because of two good teams meeting...But the Nov 2nd meeting will be interested for a whole different meaning, and that is because it's the return of Mike Beasley

November prediction 12-2

December- This is a much tougher month than November for our Heat as they play a bunch of road games and go on a tough roadtrip. Obviously the most talk about games this month is the Dec 2nd to Cleveland and the Dec 25th meeting in Staples. But this is an extremely tough month for Miami as they play 10 road games including a 5 of 6 on the road where they face Cleveland, Bucks, Utah, Golden State, and SAC. To make matters worst they finish the month on a tough 5 game stretch where they vs Dallas, visit the Suns and Lakers, return home to play the Knicks, and go back out on the road to vs the Rockets who will have Yao this season.

Decemeber prediction 12-4

January- Another tough month for the Heat as they head out on another roadtrip this month, but this time it's a 5 game trip where they visit Milwaukee, Denver, Portland, LAC, and Chicago. There are no real tough home games this month as the only 2 semi tough home games I see is a visit from the Knicks and a visit from the Bucks, but they also have other tough road games vs NYK, Bobcats, and OKC.

January prediction- 10-4

Feb- As we all know Feb is a short month of games due to the All Star Break and this is a month the Heat should do really well in but they do have 3 TOUGH ROAD games vs the other 3 best teams in the East ( Orlando, Boston, and Chicago), and the Boston game is on a 4 game in 6 nights eastern road trip, and BTW Feb 16 Bosh returns to Toronto.  Other than the Boston, the roadtrip is pretty easy, it's Indiana, Toronto, and Detroit...Should be 3 wins. Though we only have 4 home games, their all wins IMO as we face the Clippers, Knicks, Wizards, and Pacers at the AAA.

Feb Month prediction 10-2

March- Quite honestly I think this is the month where we face the best level of competition out of all the months, and as a result this will probably be a tough month for the Heat, expect a lot of close games in this month. To give you a taste of how tough this month is going to be, our games this month include games vs Lakers, Spurs, Orlando, OKC, Portland, Denver, Chicago, and Houston. But here's the good thing for the Heat this month, pretty much all the hard games come at home as they only play 4 road games this month, and the only tough one on paper is the Spurs and maybe the Hawks....Cavs fans circle your calendar on March 29th as LBJ  makes his 2nd visit to Cleveland.

March prediction 13-2

April- Let's be honest here, April won't be an important month for the Heat really as they will be resting up some guys, getting them healthy for the postseason, but April is a soft month for us but the showcase game of this month is April 10th game as Boston comes to Miami for a possible 2nd round or ECF preview. Other noticeable games to watch is possible first round preview vs Milwaukee and Charlotte. The Heat probably lose a few more games due to rest to the big 3.

April prediction 5-2

So it looks like I have our Miami Heat finishing the season at a record of 65-17 which will be good enough for probably homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs.


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